High Transparency Insulating Glass Hinged Doors for a Crystal Clear View


    Impressive Visual Appeal and Exceptional Transparency with Glass Spacers and Premium Stainless Steel Look Handles


    Two-Leaf Insulating Glass Door Modules with Variable Dimensions for the Initial Fitting and Retrofitting of Refrigerated Multidecks.


Safe TT

High-Transparency insulating glass hinged doors for a crystal clear view

Safe TT is a two-leaf insulating glass door module with variable dimensions for the initial fitting and retrofitting of refrigerated multipacks.

It stands out due to its exceptional transparency thanks to the use of glass spacers. Additional features include the exceptional visibility and even refrigeration. Simple operation, easy cleaning and the premium stainless steel look handles round off the Safe TT.

Energy savings of up to 77% mean the investment pays for itself within a short space of time. Compliance with the refrigeration temperatures is guaranteed together with low CO2 emissions.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Maximum Transparency with Glass Spacers
  • Maximum Energy Savings -> Low-E (R 1.1*)
  • We also offer Complete Glass Doors and Efficient Goods Displays from a Single Source.
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* The lower the Ug Value, the greater the energy savings.
** As per DIN EN 23953 and also depending on the refrigeration cabinet type, refrigeration system, and number of times the cabinet is opened etc.